Top Picks for Reading With Tiny Humans

I’m partial to telling stories, around the dinner table, with friends, with family. Never underestimate the power of a great story! And when it comes to the kids, never underestimate just how important the stories we tell them are. One of my biggest goals as a parent has always been to raise kids who will love books. And to raise kids who in time tell magnificent stories of their own. Fun fact, the average child has 5000 words when they start primary school. So  from when they start to use single words (at around 1), up until they start primary school at age 5 or so, they are acquiring an average of 3.5 words per day! They are quite literally like little sponges. So with that in mind, and when it comes to sharing books and reading with our kids – learning new language is all about exposure. Books open up a whole new world of vocabulary that kids may not ordinarily hear in everyday conversation.

If you want an insight into the power of reading with our kids, read a little about the ‘Million Word Gap’ . Prepare to have your mind blown. The study, completed by Ohio State University, looks at the effects of reading with young children every day vs. not at all.  The study looks at the effect on their overall vocabulary development. The results are shocking and fascinating in equal measure. For me it just really emphasises the importance of carving out that all important story time at some point in our day.

Where to Buy Books?

I have gathered lots of the above titles together in one spot in My Amzazon Shop if you want to have a look at an of them in a little more detail (affiliated link). That said I’m always on the hunt and pick up new books in bookshops in town and online on websites like Lowplex Books and The Book Depositary where you can find great value particularly on sets.

Its really hard to split books into age ranges to be honest, as lots of these books are enjoyed across lots of ages and stages, but I’ve have grouped them roughly to give you an idea. Some pre-schoolers may enjoy more complex stories where as others may enjoy simpler picture books. The main thing to remember when reading with your child is their overall experience of reading. Their experience of sharing a book with you being positive and fun is actually more important that what’s between the pages. You don’t need to stick to the script. There’s no right way to read a book with young kids. Children will learn a lot more when they are engaged and having fun. So if it feels like a chore, then follow their lead and let them decide what to do with the book!

So without further adieu, I have compiled a ‘Tiny Human Book List‘ of some of my favourite titles for different ages and stages that are reached for again and again from our bookshelf!

Baby Books

  • Noisy Books – about animals, vehicles or with songs and sounds.
  • First 100 Words (Photo Book) – Priddy Books
  • Black & White – Jane Foster
  • Hippo Has a Hat – Julia Donaldson
  • Usborne ‘Night Sounds’
  • Books about your child’s interests – Peppa, Diggers, Animals.

Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

  • The Doghouse – Jan Thomas
  • Not A Box – Antoinette Portis
  • My Mum is Fantastic – Nick Butterworth
  • A Little Stuck – Oliver Jeffers
  • Oh No George – Chris Haughton
  • Ten Little Robots – Mike Brownlow (there are lots of different titles in this series)
  • The Day Crayons Quit – Oliver Jeffers
  • Room on the Broom – Julia Donaldson
  • Zog – Julia Donaldson
  • What Do Grown Ups Do All Day? – Virginia Morgan
  • Usborne Phonic Readers
  • The Paper Dolls – Julia Donaldson
  • The Tiger Who Came to Tea – Judith Kerr
  • There’s a Dragon in Your Book! – Tom Fletcher

Primary School Age (Juniors – 1st Class)

  • Little People Big Dreams Range
  • The President’s Glasses – Peter Donnelly
  • Ada Twist Scientist – Andrea Beaty
  • The Cook & The King -Julia Donaldson
  • Rosie Revere, Engineer – Andrea Beaty
  • This is How We Do It – Matt Lamothe
  • Foclóiropedia – Fatti & John Burke
  • The Little Book of Garden Bird Songs
  • Usborne Question & Answers Range
  • Riley Rainbow & The Colour Catastrophe



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