A Gift Guide for Kids with Littlewoods Ireland

It’s that time of year where letters are being written to Santa and some all-important decisions are being made. What special gift is going to put a big cheesy grin on your little one’s face on Christmas morning? I’ve chosen some of my favourite toys from the Littlewoods Ireland website and highlighted what I love about them from a personal and developmental perspective. I’ve also chosen toys across a range of ages and stages and picked things that I know first hand will stand the test of time.

1. Little Tikes Dino Car

Our Little Tikes Dino Car has now been on the go for almost 5 years and is much loved by all three of the boys. Everyone knows the iconic yellow and red cosy coupe that has been around since I was a kid. If you didn’t have one, someone you knew did! As brilliant as ever, this spikey green version of the Little Tikes classic gets used as everything from a moving a van to a spaceship, a race car and sometimes even an ambulance! Countless hours of fun over the years and hard wearing as ever (which is a bit of a must with 3 wild boys!). Great for gross motor skills, with a removable floor for smaller kids who aren’t yet up to using their feet to get on the road. Suitable from 12 months +

2. Fisher Price Xylophone

I have mentioned the Fisher Price Classic range before which is a nostalgic throwback to some of the great Fisher Price favourites from our own childhoods. This Xylophone has been around since 1957! This is a wonderful cause and effect toy for babies and toddlers – a great toy for sparking their interest in sounds and music, taking turns, problem-solving and well as supporting their fine and gross motor skills. Other items in the classic range include the much-coveted cash register which I remember our neighbour having and absolutely loving! Suitable from 18 months +


3. Peppa Pig House

It’s hard to get away from her and love her or not, Peppa is a firm favourite in our house. Andy’s little eyes light up whenever he spots anything Peppa and this new range of wooden Peppa toys is a welcome addition to the world of Peppa. This little wooden house is on Andy’s Santa letter this year after getting a gift of the Wooden Peppa Car and Wooden Peppa Airplane for his birthday, which are taken out and played with every day without fail. The fact that they are wooden means they are a little more robust and hard-wearing. This Peppa Pig House is ideal for encouraging small world play, imagination, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and storytelling. Made from environmentally responsible FSC Wood, I like the fact that the pieces are chunky, so perfect for little hands. All of the pieces can fit and be stored within the house, so it’s nice and compact and easy to store. Suitable from 24 months+

4. Crayola Art Case

I bought two of these amazing Crayola art cases for each of the boys last Christmas and both sets are still going strong! This is a beautiful set for any budding artist. The set includes 150 pieces including crayons, markers, mini colouring pencils and pipsqueak markers too. Of all the markers and pencils we have, I just love the fact that these come in a case to keep them all together. The case has meant that none have gone missing throughout the year (which honestly feels like a miracle!). A slot for everything means they are all checked and accounted for and the cases are easy to store. They are also very handy for when we go on trips away, wherever we go, the colouring cases come! Suitable from 3 years +

5. Hedbanz

This is probably one of my most played games in work with older kids from week to week. I cannot stress enough how great it is for supporting children’s language skills. From following directions and problem solving to building vocabulary and describing skills, I honestly feel this game deserves a place in every home. All of the learning and language building opportunities aside, it’s just great fun and one that is great craic to play as a family/ Kids and adults will both get a kick out of it. A few of my other family favourites for older kids who enjoy a good board game are Labyrinth and Dobble. Suitable from 7 years +

6. Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego

As Luke gets a little older he’s getting really into Lego which, to be honest, I’m beyond delighted about because I love building Lego. Last year Santa brought the Lego Fire Station . This year it looks like it’s going to be this Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego set. Lego is another timeless toy that I never mind investing in as I still have all my Lego from when I was a kid that I now play with the boys. Problem-solving, planning, creativity – the list is honestly endless when it comes to the positives with Lego. This set comes with 8 Harry Potter mini-figures . It will be a lovely activity to do together over Christmas. Honestly not sure who’s more excited about this, me or Luke!

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