Our Uppababy Vista & Getting Face to Face

When it comes to choosing a buggy or travel system, as a parent it can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Making sure you find the right fit for you and your baby is a big part of getting ready for their arrival. There are so many factors to consider. Is it compact? Can it adapt to a double buggy in time to come? Is it light? The list is endless. A factor that we may not always consider, is the direction baby is facing. Can your baby see you and can you get face to face? As your baby gets older, you will most likely spend lots of time together out and about. Babies and young children need face to face communication to support language development and learning. Having your child facing you in the buggy gives you the opportunity to share moments together when out and about. As a parent I like being face to face with my boys. As a speech and language therapist I know all the benefits of it! So here is a little more insight into making the most of buggy time and how I go about getting face to face with our Uppababy Vista.

The Uppababy Vista and Getting Face to Face

I chose the Uppababy Vista because I wanted a travel system that allowed me to face my baby. I wanted the option to be able to change the direction and height of the seating. A system that adapted easily between a single and double buggy was also important. A lightweight system that could easily be assembled and collapsed was a must  too – given that I knew I would get pregnant again somewhere along the way. The Uppababy Vista just ticked all these boxes for me. Since the day it arrived I have never looked back (except when one of the boys has invariably thrown something out the side of the buggy when we’re walking!).

Of course the boys have the option now to face outwards or in opposite directions. It’s a fantastic travel system in that there are countless configurations to keep everyone happy. Did I also mention the overly generous shopping basket which has been a game changer! With baby number three arriving in October, the Uppababy Vista is a travel system that has grown with our family (literally). With the option of adding a Piggy Back board, Luke who is now 3 will be sorted if he gets tired when he gives up his seat in October!

6 Incredible Benefits of Parent Facing Buggies

  • To your baby, you are the most important person in the world. Seeing the world can be overwhelming and scary. Having you as a constant in front of them is reassuring, and helps them makes sense of their surroundings. Sometimes it is easy to forget how emotionally dependant babies are and the key role we have in supporting their overall emotional well being.
  • Being face to face with your child allows you the opportunity to name and narrate experiences. From naming new vocabulary, to singing and making silly faces. When your child can see your face, they are given the opportunity to learn from you. Young brains are shaped by each and every little experience they have. The early years in which children spend in a buggy are a time of rapid growth and change in terms of language and cognitive development.
  • Research also shows that babies are more likely to sleep and laugh when facing you. Who doesn’t love a laughing or sleeping baby?
  • You are far more likely to talk to your child if they are facing you. In fact, research shows you are twice as likely. This means that your child is also more likely to communicate with you. Simply changing the direction that your child faces when in their buggy can have a profound effect on how much one on one communication time they get with you.
  • It is easier to read your babies facial expressions and cues when they are facing you. Maybe your child has a sudden look of excitement or surprise, they see something that they are enjoying. When you are face to face, it is much easier to pick up on these non-verbal cues and share the moment with your little one. Eye-contact and being able to read your babies expression means you can respond immediately.
  • Sometimes parents feel that their baby loves to watch the world go by. This can be true, however for some babies it can be overwhelming watching the world whizz by. Babies like when they have a reassuring familiar face to help make sense of the world. A child facing their parent can still see and experience the world, but also has the opportunity to share that experience with the most significant people in their life.

Buggy Buying Tips for New Parents

If you are buggy shopping for your impending arrival, the direction your little one faces is something to consider. Your new baby will have so much to learn about the world, and facing you whilst they do that will support them on that incredible journey. Also to note that direction of a buggy is not just for babies. Equally toddlers have lots to gain from parent facing buggies. Having the option is something you might be thankful for down the line. Research your options carefully. As I mentioned above the Uppababy Vista allows you the option to keep even preschoolers parent facing or outward facing depending on what your doing. My now 3 year old still has a preference for facing me so he can chat to me as we walk around town!

What to do if your current buggy/travel system doesn’t have a parent facing option

Not all buggies have the option to face the parent. If you own a buggy or stroller that is forward facing, there are still ways that you can adapt things a little to share moments whilst out and about with your little one.
  • Bend down and get face to face when you get the opportunity. E.g. at traffic lights, in a lift, when waiting outside the school for a sibling.
  • If in a waiting room or on a bus or train, take the opportunity to turn the buggy around. Then get face to face with your child. Chatter matters when out and about with your little one, and there is so much they can learn, when you help them make sense of the world.

For additional information on ways to support your child’s speech and language development click here.

Making the Most of Buggy Time: Benefits of Parent Facing Buggies published on Family Friendly HQ’s Site.


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