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I am a lover of children’s toys. More than that I am a lover of beautifully and thoughtfully made children’s toys. Working as a speech and language therapist I have always had an interest in toys and games that support kids language development, play skills and interaction. Now that I have tiny humans of my own, I love to research beautifully made toys available from smaller companies and businesses that have a real passion for capturing children’s imaginations. Generally I am picky about what I have in our playroom which sounds mad! I am a lover of traditional children’s toys because I truly feel they have a future in a world where children’s imaginations are being oppressed by constant technological intrusion. Imaginary play and simpler traditional toys have an important role to play in supporting our tiny humans in thinking outside the box. Though technology has an important part to play in all our lives, minimising screen time and getting back to old school play time is a goal we should all be setting ourselves as parents.

Lanka Kade Children's Toys

How I discovered Lanka Kade

I discovered Lanka Kade back in 2015 when I accidentally stumbled upon some wooden animals in the Powerscourt Garden Centre, in Co.Wicklow. My Mom picked up a lovely natural wood cow for Luke as a gift, which he came to love and played with relentlessly. Fast forward a few months and I was on the hunt for the perfect 1st Christmas gift for my first born. The lovely little cow came to mind and so I searched on line to see what other animals were available. When I arrived onto Lanka Kade’s homepage I soon realised it was the website of dreams. In the end I settled on a stunning natural wood Noah’s ark packed with 24 characters. To this day it is one of the most loved and most played with toys in our house, and just looking at it, you can see why. We have had hours of fun organising the animals, stacking our animals, and setting up elaborate games of Noah’s rescue missions.

Who are Lanka Kade?

Lanka Kade create a vast range of beautifully made fair trade children’s toys which are hand crafted in Sri Lanka. The story of how the company came to be is heartwarming and their products are not only really unique and beautifully made but Lanka Kade also pride themselves in being the UK’s biggest supplier of fair trade toys made by family enterprises in Sri Lanka . Over the past two years our Lanka Kade collection has grown steadily, and both boys really enjoy playing and exploring with their beautiful farm and ark sets. With Olly’s birthday only a couple of weeks away it seemed only apt to order him his own mini Lanka Kade collection and so we opted for one of the newer products, a beautiful red Deluxe London Bus and a gorgeous painted London Building Blocks set to match. They are all wrapped up and ready to go and I cannot wait to see his little face when he opens them. The great news is that Lanka Kade offers free delivery on orders over £60 to Ireland and free delivery to mainland UK with no minimum spend).

So for birthdays or dare I say it Christmas (yes I know it’s October!), Lanka Kade offers fun and traditional toys that your Tiny Humans will enjoy for years to come. From natural wood, to beautifully painted coloured animals, knights, to buses and pirates, there is literally something to capture every little persons imagination.

*This post was not sponsored in any way by Lanka Kade and was written because of my own positive personal experience of their toys.

Lanka Kade Children's Toys


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