Leafy Kids Crafts

With leaves literally falling all around us at the moment, it’s like a pick and mix of free art and craft supplies to use with the kids. I was always a lover of arts and crafts at school, and having a set of tiny people now is just an excuse to get to do all those crafty things I used to love as a child without seeming weird. This is one of the many perks of being a parent, getting to do cool kid stuff. The reality though is that usually your kids are less interested and having less fun than you. But sure as long as someone is enjoying themselves right?!

Here are three simple leafy crafts to do with your tiny humans that are cheap, quick and relatively painless on the part of the parent.

Leaf Rubbings

  1. It is what it sounds like, you know the drill. Pick some leaves (preferably different shapes and sizes).
  2. Grab some old unloved crayons (as pictured: some classic crayola cast offs from Grandma’s house, from circa 2001).
  3. Place the leaves under a piece of paper and using the long side of the crayon and then get rubbing.

The results are actually really nice and look pretty impressive, oh and Luke’s ones were nice too. We cut some of them out and hung them on the fridge for the day to make a leafy forest!

Leaf Figures

Literally pick some leaves and make ‘leaf’ animals and insects. We did some hedgehogs, fox heads and Luke made a butterfly. We also dressed a cardboard figure (we pick up blank packets of these in Dealz/Poundland) in leafy clothes….Luke found this very amusing for some reason. Here’s what to do:

  1. Grab a bunch of different coloured leaves preferably flat as they are easier to stick.
  2. Using a glue stick arrange them on a page and stick them.
  3. Using a black marker add faces, body parts or anything else that will make your leaves resemble an animal!

Painted Leaf Prints

  1. Take some different shaped leaves and using a brush lightly paint the reverse side of each leaf.
  2. Press each leaf down onto white paper (using less paint will result in a more detailed print). Probably preferable to use washable paint so that your toddler doesn’t destroy the place.

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