DIY Christmas Eve Box on a Budget

The Christmas Eve Box seems like a tradition that has appeared out of no where, but I am all about anything that builds excitement on one of the most special evenings of the year. In our house, Christmas is kind of a big deal! When it comes to the festivities I’m a ‘go hard, or go home’ kinda gal. I love little traditions and making memories and our Christmas Eve box, is a fun box of treats and Christmas rituals that I hope the kids will remember in years to come. Starting this tradition need not cost an absolute fortune. A ‘DIY’ Christmas Eve box on a budget is a fun way to gather up some inexpensive treats and activities to share as a family on December 24th!

What’s in our Christmas Eve box?

  • Christmas stockings
  • Christmas PJ’s
  • Individual decoration for the tree
  • Magic Bottle for Thank You Note to Santa
  • Hot Chocolate Sticks
  • Christmas Stories Books
  • Popcorn Containers
  • Christmas Activity Book
  • Christmas DVD’s
  • Slipper Socks
  • Chef Hats
  • Chef Aprons
  • Gingerbread House Kit
  • Gingerbread decorating kit

Where to pick up these items:

  • The Box: I picked up this gorgeous trunk from Dunnes Stores this year with the intention or re-using it every year. It will also make for great storage the Christmas stockings during the year. It comes in smaller sizes too.
  • Christmas Stockings: My boys actually use the Christmas stockings that my brother and I had as kids! Pre-loved and of sentimental value! They love seeing old photos of us as kids with the same stockings!!
  • Christmas PJ’s: This year, I picked up our Family Christmas PJ’s from Willow Leigh Tucker in Dunnes Stores.
  • Individual decoration for tree: The individual robot decorations came from Dealz and were €1.49 each
  • Magic Bottle for Thank You Note to Santa: Also picked up this little message bottle in Dealz last year for €1.49
  • Hot Chocolate Sticks: The Hot White Chocolate stirrers came from Lidl
  • Christmas Stories – Santa is Coming to Dublin/ The Night Before Christmas: Keep an eye out in the likes of Dealz, The Book People and The Works for good value Christmas storybooks.
  • Popcorn Containers: These reusable popcorn containers were €1.50 from Eurogiant for a set of 2.
  • Christmas Activity Book: I picked up this Christmas activity book from Aldi.
  • Christmas DVD’s: I’ve had these DVD’s for years, but spotted some festive DVD’s in Eurogiant over the weekend.
  • Slipper Socks: These non-festive slipper socks are from Aldi, but Penneys and Dunnes also have lots of cheap options!
  • Chef Hats: These adorable chef hats are from the IKEA Vinter 2018 range €2 each
  • Chef Aprons: The aprons are also from the IKEA Vinter range and were €3.50
  • Gingerbread House Kit and Gingerbread decorating kit: I pick up this kit annually for €2.95 as it’s a lot easier to build with smaller kids than home-made gingerbread. I bought both in IKEA.

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