Raspberry & Carrot Smoothie

So maybe you were lucky and got one of those kids that is all about the fruit and vegetables, loves everything you give them and eats all around them like a little Shetland pony. I was blessed in life with many things and one of them is the fact that I have two boys that love food. I have to be careful where and when I state that fact because sometimes I get bombarded with questions about how I made that happen, and the honest answer to that is I’m not entirely sure. I’m not sure if my love of all things edible was just innately passed to the boys, and it’s a case of monkey see, monkey do? Nevertheless, I make a huge effort to cut out as much pre-packaged and processed foods as possible, and make what I can when I can. This isn’t always possible though, sometimes life gets in the way and convenience wins out. For this reason the recipes I share here for are recipes for kids and adults alike and aim to be quick, cheap and tasty (by kid standards).

If you do have a tiny human who is less than enthused about fruit and vegetables in their whole form, I highly recommend picking up centrifugal electric juicer. They are relatively inexpensive and a great tool for sneaking all matter of natural goodness into juices, smoothies and ice lollies!

This Raspberry & Carrot Smoothie is a great way of getting some sneaky vitamins and minerals into the fruit and veg avoiders in your life. It’s a cheap and easy alternative when your at home to pre-packaged smoothies, so you can save the pricey pre-packaged treats for when you’re out and about. You never know when and where you may need to bribe your toddler next!


2 oranges (juiced)
2 apples (juiced)
1 lemon (juiced)
6 carrots (juiced)
3 handfuls of frozen raspberries
6 cubes of ice
300g greek yoghurt


1. Using a juicer juice the oranges, apples, carrots and lemon. Mix together and set aside.
2. In a blender, add the yogurt, juice, frozen raspberries and ice cubes. Blitz until well blended and smooth.
3. Pour into glasses of your choice and enjoy!

Recipes for Kids - Raspberry & Carrot Smoothie

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