A Few Of My Favourite Things: A Christmas Gift Guide

Life with Tiny Humans can sometimes mean that we the big humans forget to put ourselves on the mammoth Christmas to do list! So toy recommendations aside for a few minutes I want to share with you some of my favourite products that would be sure to get me smiling on Christmas morning. From skincare and haircare, to homewares that will brighten your day, here is a little list of some of my tried and tested favourites that would make great gifts for yourself or someone special!

Hair Care – Alter Ego

No matter how hectic life gets or how demanding your kids are, washing your hair is something you kind of have to make time for a couple of times a week. For me, treating myself to a few nice hair care products can make a huge difference to how I feel.  Alter Ego is a brand I’ve been using for a few months and is slowly but surely building my hair back up to something near it’s former glory. I’ve chatted a little about the challenges of postpartum hair loss and hair thinning, and Alter Ego have some really great products in their range to help it. They do a whole range of products for all different hair types. Their Christmas gift sets are great value for money and would make a brilliant, useful and practical gift that your hair will thank you for! ‘EMMA20’ will also get you 20% off across the AlterEgo site.

Skincare – Trilogy

Trilogy is hands down my favourite skincare brand. The Rosehip Oil rollerball can always be found in my handbag and is unreal for dry patches of skin on your face as well as reducing the appearance of scars and marks (so great for the kids too). I am someone who only started caring about my skin in my 30’s. Before that, I still used face wipes and don’t think I owned a moisturiser which looking back now was madness! I personally sometimes find the world of skincare a little overwhelming with choice and what you ‘should be doing’. What I really like about Trilogy is it’s easy to find products that work for your skin type and their products just make sense.

Trilogy have some brilliant value in their Christmas Gift Sets this year, so a great way to test out their products and fall in love with them. Trilogy is available in your local health store, from all good pharmacies nationwide and online at cloud10beauty.com

Home – Jando

I’m a huge JANDO fan and think that Julie and Owen create incredible pieces that would brighten up anyone’s day. My 3 JANDO prints in our kitchen are a bright and colourful focal point that never fails to make me smile. For those of you with loved ones living abroad this Christmas, they are sure to be missing home and the people and places that are meaningful to them. A gift from JANDO is a momento of traditions and special memories shared that says, “This is OUR place” even if we don’t get to spend time there this year. Let them know you’re thinking of them so they can OWN A PIECE OF HOME this Christmas with a gift from JANDO.  #OwnaPieceofHome #ThisisOURPlace

 5 Minutes Peace- Bath Board from Littlewoods Ireland

You just can’t beat a good bath to unwind and escape the madness of your reality sometimes. This bath board is a firm favourite of mine for holding all my bath time essentials. Like my hair products and toiletries, but more importantly my glass of red wine and in bath entertainment! This bamboo bath tray is available from Littlewoods Ireland and is extendable depending on the width of your bath.

Sleep – Bedding from Littlewoods Ireland

Nobody appreciates a good nights sleep quite like a sleep-deprived parent! Is there a better feeling in the world than climbing into soft, fresh bedlinen? Lovely bedlinen just makes me happy. Like really happy. A few years back I pimped by bed with a new mattress topper, new sheets. Best investment ever. I have always loved sleeping but don’t get half enough time to sleep! So I’m all for makeing the time I do spend in bed count! Littlewoods Ireland have a lovely range of bedding. I have a few sets from Appletree for our main bedroom which I really love. The gift of sleep in lovely bedsheets? Yes please!

Happy Feet – Ugg Slippers from Littlewoods Ireland

The only way I can describe Ugg slippers is like walking on clouds. Like a hug for your feet. They come in loads of different colours. Are they a bit of an investment? Yes. But honestly, the cosiest treat for your feet, if I had only known I would be spending 2020 in my slippers I would have invested in them a lot sooner!

This post is sponsored and written in paid partnership with the above-mentioned brands. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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