MAM 2in1 Single Breast Pump Review

Breastfeeding is one of those things that just happens to be a pretty big part of my motherhood journey. I’m going to admit it kind of snuck up on me! It was never my intention to breastfeed my eldest Luke, beyond 6 weeks if I’m honest. Reflecting now I think I might have just said that to myself as a first-time mother in case things didn’t work out. But it did work out, it worked out to be one of the most surprisingly successful aspects of those early days – and believe me no one was more shocked than me!

Three babies later and breastfeeding is now just an everyday thing that I don’t give much thought to. Funny how that just happens. The other day I stopped and thought to myself – since June 2014 I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding….and then thought, aren’t women capable of pretty incredible things! I actually think that to myself most days!

When it comes to pumping – Andy is a man who is quite happy to have a bottle. This is exciting news because my older boys were never overly enthused. That said, I was never really in a position where I needed to persevere and so I didn’t. But after a hectic few days earlier this year, where my middle man ended up in hospital, the need for a little emergency freezer stash of milk quickly became apparent. So when MAM offered to send me out their new 2 in 1 Breast Pump to try out, needless to say, I jumped at the chance. My history with pumping successfully has been hit and miss. So I was open-minded and optimistic (like I am in life!!!!).

The Specs

  • Electric & manual use
  • Rechargeable battery gives meaning you can express where you want when on the go
  • Ergonomic shape & quiet pumping (so you can actually hear the TV in the evenings!)
  • Soft funnel for maximum comfort
  • Easy handling & cleaning (everything comes apart which makes it so much easier to clean).
  • Also inside the box: 2x Easy Start™ Anti-Colic bottle with Sealing Disc (1 x 130ml/4.5 oz & 1 x 160ml /5.5 oz) / Easy Start™ Anti-Colic bottle with Sealing Disc
  • Switches to a manual pump in two easy steps

The Verdict

I have been so so pleasantly surprised. Going back to work in August, a pump will be a necessary accessory to add to my handbag!!! What I love about this pump is you can charge it and use it on the go. This means you don’t need to add a trendy extension lead to your handbag too. No crawling around looking for sockets when out and about and also means you can do it in the car!! The whole system is really light too, which is such a bonus. The pump itself is incredibly easy to use and more importantly, it does a great job. I prefer the electronic function and found it more efficient than manually pumping – but think it’s fantastic to have the option.

All in all, it’s a massive thumbs up from me. The MAM bottles have been a hit with Andy since his first go, so, to be honest, I’m not overly surprised that MAM nailed the pump to match.

*I have been sponsored by MAM to try out their 2in1 Breast Pump and write an honest review – all opinions are my own, based on my personal experience of using the pump.


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