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So a few weeks ago, our wildling Olly turned the big 2. With the arrival of Andy less than two weeks before his party, I knew I would need to be organised. Picking a date, setting a theme and putting a plan in place. I love nothing more than planning a good kids party. Theming, decorating and planning are some of my greatest loves in life! So I teamed up with Optimal Print to get the word out about the celebrations! Optimal print has always been my go to for thank you cards, calendars and photobooks. So for Olly’s birthday, I thought I’d see what they had on offer to mark a very special occasion!

Party Invitations

When I start planning any party, I start at the very beginning. Invitations. I love traditional invitations, that the kids can help write and that we post into neighbours letter boxes or at the post office. It gets the kids all fired up with anticipation for the party. So forgive me, I’m old school, a traditionalist if you will. Is there anything quite like the memory of setting off to school with a bag full of invitations to your party to share with your friends? Probably not.

We opted for a Zoo themed party, and Optimal print had lots of ideas and templates to help us out in coming up with the perfect invitation for the party. The card quality is lovely, and being the hoarder that I am, I have kept the invitations from all the kids parties so far, and put them in their baby books!


This is the first time I’ve printed party posters but it won’t be the last! They turned out great and everyone loved looking at Olly’s highlights from the last two years! He was absolutely thrilled when he arrived down to the kitchen on the morning of his birthday. There is nothing quite like seeing yourself plastered all over the walls is there. You can’t beat being star of the show! These posters would be amazing for big milestone birthdays as well as kids parties. 18th, 21st, 30th or 40th etc.

Thank You Cards

Never one to miss an opportunity to put gorgeous photos of the kids to good use, I love having some personalised ‘Thank You’ cards on hand around the house. Brilliant to send after birthday parties to thank loved ones for gifts (or for just great cards to have in your general stash).

More incredible ideas from Optimal Print….

  • You’ll have heard me mentioning my commitment to printing our photos on a regular basis. I’m a huge fan of Optimal Prints soft cover photobooks. These are so easy to put together, so easy you can actually do it on your phone! Check out my post here on our photobooks and why I think printing memories is so important!
  • Optimal Print is also my go to stop for printing our Annual Christmas Card. The cards are printed in Ireland and delivered within 48 hours. Family and friends always love to get a personal card with pictures of the boys that they can hold on to from year to year!
  • It’s also coming to that time of year when I order our Annual Personalised Calendar. Genuinely, this is one of the most important gifts we give to the boy’s grandparents every year, and I wouldn’t fancy my chances of showing up on Christmas day without it.
  • For

Fancy a free €10 to get you started…..

Fancy €10 off your first order from Optimal Print? Christmas cards, birthday invites, posters, calendars, thank you cards? There are so many fantastic stationary and gift ideas to try out. Click here for your €10.

A heartfelt thank you to Optimal Print for sending us Olly’s invitations and party posters!


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