Johnson’s Baby: A Familiar Family Favourite

So as many of you may now know, for the next year I am a Johnson’s Baby Ambassador. Needless to say I am really excited about this ambassadorship! Honestly, it was lovely to be approached by a brand so familiar to me. I have been using Johnson’s baby products since my own childhood. Almost everyone is familiar with the iconic coloured bottles and scents of Johnson’s baby. When I see or smell Johnson’s products it stirs up all sorts of feelings of nostalgia. Even now as I use them with my boys, there is a comforting and familiar feeling. I thought I would share with you a bit more about what this all means, what being an ambassador entails and what I have learnt so far!

Why I am a ‘Johnson’s Baby Ambassador’ and What it Means

I’ll be honest I didn’t take the decision of becoming a Johnson’s Baby Ambassador lightly. I did lots of reading and research to satisfy myself before taking on the role. However, an opportunity lending itself to learning more about products I am already using seemed beyond sensible. Being an ambassador involves quarterly meetings. These meetings focus on the research behind Johnson’s products, information about their ingredients and learning about products in more detail. The idea behind this is that I get an opportunity to learn as much as I possibly can about the products, I can then can share that knowledge and my personal experiences with you.

Johnson's Baby Ambassador

Meeting the team

Upon meeting the team and some of the faces behind Johnson’s Baby products, I have to say that their passion, drive and excitement for the brand was infectious. It wasn’t at all what I expected, and it was lovely to see people with such heartfelt enthusiasm for the products that they work with.
Although I’ve always used Johnson’s products on myself and the boys, I may not have always been shouting about it from the rooftops. Recent headlines and rumours about Johnson’s have made people quick to criticise. That said, like all other aspects of parenting, I make it my business to make informed decisions. I’m hoping that these posts might help you to do the same. Being an ambassador has given me an opportunity to query any concerns I may have had, and ask the hard questions.

What I have learnt so far

During my recent visit to the Johnson’s Innovation Center in London, I had an amazing opportunity to link with Dr David Mays (Senior Director of Global Scientific Engagement in Research and Development). Dr.Mays discussed some of the science behind Johnson’s baby products. During an hour long presentation, here are some interesting facts I took away:

Johnson’s pioneered the science behind NO MORE TEARS® based on how babies’ blink reflex develop

Bathing a newborn baby was a bit of a daunting experience for me from the get go. I was terrified holding a wriggly baby, whilst attempting to wash them. Trying to do this whilst miraculously not getting shampoo or soap in their eyes seemed like nothing short of impossible. For this reason, the ‘No More Tears’ label of the Johnson’s bottle has forever intrigued me. What I now know is that babies blink less often and their eyes are open for a longer time. On top of this they haven’t yet developed the defensive eye closure we are all blessed with. This means their little eyes are more likely to be exposed to unintended substances. I know from my own personal experience and watching my little two grow up just how effective the formula really is. It genuinely works! It’s fascinating to think that the formula was developed on the back of every new parents fear. The fear of stinging their little ones eyes when bravely attempting to wash them!

Moisturising baby’s skin is more important than you think

I know you’re probably thinking ‘Isn’t that obvious?’. Well maybe, but I’ll put my hands up and say I wasn’t always the best at this. Conflicting advice that putting too much product on a baby’s skin could be bad buzzed in my ears. This meant I never really established a good moisturising routine with the boys. Baby’s skin is different to that of an adult and can dry out much easier. The skin cells are packed less tightly and therefore baby’s skin can lose moisture quickly. I now know that I need to be moisturising the boys skin every day not just when it feels dry. Establishing a good daily moisturising routine is a great way to keep baby’s skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Johnson’s baby lotion does an incredible job in locking in moisture and my boys have become quite fond of helping put it on their legs and tummy’s before bed!

Demystifying ingredient lists

Sometimes labels on the products we use can sound more like the contents of a science lab than something you put on your skin. After spending the afternoon discussing ingredients labels, I have now come to learn that just because something sounds like a nasty chemical, it doesn’t mean that it is. Similarly, just because something sounds natural, it doesn’t mean that it is clinically proven to be the best ingredient for the job. Johnson’s are incredibly committed to sourcing and using the best ingredients that are clinically proven to be safe and appropriate for baby’s delicate skin.

Johnson's Baby Ambassador

Our Johnson’s Baby Journey

Our Johnson’s Baby Ambassador journey will be continuing in the coming months. I’m really looking forward to sharing new, interesting and thought provoking information that I pick up along the way. After spending some time with the team in Johnson’s and getting the opportunity to learn more about the science and ethos behind the brand, it’s fair to say that I am a proud and excited member of the ambassador team. Aligning yourself with a brand is not a decision to be taken lightly. For me,feeling enthusiastic and passionate about the products is a must. Needless to say I do. There is a reason that Johnson’s baby has been around for as long as it has. It’s so clear that they have the well being and best interests of their customers at the heart of the operation. I’ve walked away feeling that Johnson’s genuinely strive to come up with new and exciting products, so we can make the most of the precious time we spend with our little ones.

Johnson's Baby Ambassador

#ad. This post is a paid partnership with Johnson’s Baby, however as always, all words, images and opinions are my own.


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