Sealife Bray Lego Adventure Ocean Explorers

On Sunday, a wonderfully rainy and blustery day, we braved the elements and took a trip to Sealife Bray with the boys. Located along the prom, Sealife is easily accessible by car or public transport. Not our first trip, as it always makes for a fun morning out with the kids. We arrived early, with two enthusiastic boys ready for some underwater exploring. To add to the fun, Sealife Bray LEGO adventure, Ocean Explorers event is running until September 2nd, adding an extra dimension of excitement to our trip!

What’s there to see at Sealife

  • From Cow Nose Rays, to shark and clown fish, Sealife has hundreds of different underwater creatures to see.
  • There are lots of fascinating fun facts and conservation information displayed around the aquarium which really adds to the experience.
  • Make sure to make the most out of your trip and check feeding times whilst you are there. There are opportunities to see different species being fed and listen to incredibly interesting talks on the hour, at different locations along the Sealife route.
  • Sealife itself is not a huge aquarium, making it ideal for younger guests who can tire quite quickly. There is still plenty to see, read and do and ample opportunity to see lots of incredible underwater species, up close and personal.

LEGO adventure, Ocean Explorers Event

Knowing my 3 year old’s love of a good treasure hunt, the Lego Adventure Ocean Explorers event really added to our typical visit to Sealife. The boys were given an official event sheet upon entry. As we made our way through the aquarium we had to hunt for missing diving equipment made of Lego. Using our sheet we took note of what we saw and where! I have to say it kept them focused and interested as we went along. They ended up spotting so many fish and other interesting things along the way when they were searching for Lego!

When we got to the kid’s zone at the end of the trail, the boys were absolutely delighted to find a gigantic pit of Lego! There were some posters to help us out as we attempted to recreate some sea creatures using Lego. For the younger kids there were also large building blocks available so they didn’t miss out on the fun. As the boys had been successful in finding the missing diving equipment during our visit, they both became certified SEA LIFE Junior Divers and each got a LEGO diver mini-figure to bring home.

What we enjoyed the most

Luke really enjoyed the treasure hunt element of the Lego Adventures Ocean Explorers. He was thrilled to find a gigantic pit of Lego on our way out! Needless to say the clown fish were a big hit on account of the boys being Finding Nemo fans, and we were fascinated to see the real life size comparison between Nemo and Dory! We also had the opportunity to touch a Starfish which the boys found fascinating. My inner nerd enjoyed hearing lots of interesting facts from really enthusiastic staff as we made our way through the aquarium.

Planning Your Visit to Sealife Bray

  • Sealife is easily accessible by public transport (Bus and Dart Services). There is also ample parking along the seafront of Bray and within the town itself. Also to note, that parking is free on Sundays.
  • I advise visiting Sealife earlier in the day, particularly at weekends, as it can get quite busy.
  • There is a really nice playground along the seafront a short walk from the aquarium. Well worth a visit on a dry day.
  • For additional information and to book your tickets online, check out the Sealife website.

We were given a complimentary family ticket to experience Sealife’s LEGO adventure, Ocean Explorers event. This is an honest account of our experience. All opinions and views are my own.


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