Orchard Toys Look and Find Jigsaws

I was recently sent two incredible jigsaw sets from the wonderful Orchard Toys, to try out at home and work. The  Look and Find Jigsaws are a new addition to Orchard Toys ever expanding range of really great fun educational resources for playing with kids. I have been a big fan of Orchard Toys since the beginning of my speech and language therapy career. Since the boys have come along, they have become a big part of our playtime routine. We have been trying out the Look and Find Number set, along with the Look and Find Shape set – both of which I can report have been a big hit with the boys and kids in work alike.

What’s In the Box?

Each box contains a set of two jigsaws. The number set, features two 10 piece jigsaws, one featuring numbers alongside fun objects, and the second jigsaw is a great picture scene containing the objects in different multiples. Similarly the shapes set, features two 12 piece jigsaws. The first jigsaw highlighting and naming each of the shapes, and a second jigsaw featuring a seaside scene with the shapes hidden around the picture.

What I really liked

  • What I love about the look and find jigsaws, particularly from a speech and language perspective, are the detailed picture scene puzzles. I found them really useful for working on description skills with the kids, as well as the new vocabulary covered in the separate puzzles.
  • I love the way that the backing of the separate puzzles are different colours. This makes it easier for younger players to group pieces together.
  • The topics and pictures are really clear, and the kids really related to them. The games boxes themselves look fun and exciting, meaning that even sometimes reluctant kids were excited to give them a go!

What the kids liked

  • Luke loved the picture content, and found the pictures amusing. He’s 3, and finds things like elephants in boats and hippos driving cars hilarious. So the pictures are spot on for the target audience.
  • Any of the kids I played the game with in work, enjoyed the challenge of piecing the jigsaws together and enjoyed finding the content of jigsaw one hidden in jigsaw two.
  • The simplicity of these sets, makes it possible to provide lots of repetition and learning opportunities for younger kids which is great. I found that once the kids got going, they were confident in what they were doing. They quickly understood what the goal was, making the topic and content fun and engaging.

Learning Opportunities from the Look and Find Jigsaws

Here are some of the things I felt my boys and clients in work took from these great games:

  • Vocabulary development: shapes and numbers are the targeted vocabulary, but additional vocabulary learning opportunities included animals, food, vehicles and the seaside.
  • Problem solving skills/Fine Motor skills: assembling jigsaw pieces
  • Following and processing directions: “Can you find the shape beside the lighthouse?” or “There are two of these animals and they are hiding in a car”
  • Plurals: 1 giraffe but 2 giraffes, 1 frog but 4 frogs
  • Picture description and storytelling skills: Asking about what’s happening in the picture scene puzzle. Getting the kids to make up funny stories about the picture scene puzzle.


Additional Resources

  • The Look and Find range also feature jigsaws covering Alphabet and Colour.
  • If you would like additional ideas about putting your Orchard Toys to great use, have a read here.

Disclaimer: I was very kindly sent these products for the purpose of the review. As many of my readers know I am a big Orchard Toys advocate, that said, as always my opinions are my own.

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