What to Do in Dublin with Kids on a Rainy Day

So this weekend the weather was underwhelming and the kids energetic – an undeniably dangerous combination. I was adamant that I wouldn’t let the weather dampen our spirits when when it came to our weekend adventure. I’m all about the adventures. I’m a country kid and in fairness getting to the shop was an adventure for us as kids (an account of it being an 8km round trip cycle to buy a Mr.Freeze). Living anywhere it’s easy to become complacent and do the same things every weekend. Mixing it up and coming up with new and interesting places to see can be a challenge, but it’s always worth the planning and effort when we get home after a good day out. Dublin is full of fun activities for families, sometimes you just need to remind ourselves! So what is there to do on a rainy day in Dublin?

Take the LUAS

LUAS cross-city recently opened and we now have a stop right beside us. In all honesty it takes about the same amount of time to get to town as it does to take the LUAS, but when we’re going on an adventure, sometimes we get the LUAS because Luke’s excitement at the mention of it is reason enough. When it’s raining it’s the perfect activity, because not arriving to your destination soggy is always a plus! Kids under 5 travel free on the LUAS so a round trip to Dawson Street was €3.70 for me and the two boys. We definitely got our moneys worth, between the intermittent rain showers and enthusiastic waving Luke was doing at passers by, it was one of the highlights of his day out.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum or ‘Dead Zoo’ on Merrion Street is a great spot for kids of all ages. It was our first trip here and the boys really enjoyed it. There is lots to see, and they took great interest in looking at the animals. Luke was particularly interested in the insects on the ground floor. I was taken aback at Olly’s interest in the tigers and other animals on the first floor given that he is only 14 months. Once he was out of his buggy he was eager to get around and see what was to be seen!

Entrance to the Museum is free which is great on the occasion that someone has a melt down and you need to leave. Just be aware that there is no lift in the building. You will need to park your buggy downstairs and carry any non walking babies upstairs. There is a security person in the foyer where the buggies can be left so although not ideal I felt ok leaving it behind. Some of the exhibits are really impressive and all in all it was an easy going activity with two boys in tow.

The National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery entrance is next door to the National History Museum. We weren’t in a hurry, so  decided to drop in and have a little look around. Again, I was surprised at Luke’s intrigue and interest in exploring. If Olly wasn’t ready to chew his own arm off with the hunger by the time we arrived here I’d imagine we could have stayed a while. Though our visit was brief on this occasion I look forward to going back with Luke on a day we have more time. He enjoyed me describing the pictures and asking questions. Entrance to the national gallery is free.

Milano Dawson Street

When you’re out and about and you want to bring your kids for something to eat you can’t beat Milano. I say this because at the weekend it’s absolutely full of kids. So remember, no matter how bad you think yours are there is bound to be a louder, messier child somewhere in the restaurant. I had Tesco vouchers which I had converted using Tesco Boost so it was a bargain. Milano are set up for kids: high chairs, colouring packs and sailor hats come as standard. The kids menu is real food, and for €8.50 they shared 1 kids menu which included 3 courses. You can check out the Kids Piccolo Menu here. Can I also mention Luke was served a Babycchino after dinner? It smelt strongly of notions but I let him have it anyway.


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