Our Annual Family Christmas Card: The Trials, Triumphs & Tribulations

It’s officially December and so I feel at this stage it’s acceptable to launch into Christmas related posts, starting with none other than the annual tradition of our family Christmas card. Since Luke was born, I have gotten a Christmas card printed, featuring none other than the tiny people I have created. With each passing year the task of taking seamlessly cheery festive photos seems to get more difficult. The step up to two kids, who are running in opposite directions and who have minimal interest in the annual family Christmas card this year almost broke me. That said two failed attempts later, I finally have some gorgeous shots of the two of them not killing each other, crying or screaming which is a great result.

Top Tips for Photographing Your Kids for a family Christmas card
  1. Get someone to help you, particularly if you are trying to photograph more than one child at a time. Naturally when you go to take the photos the likelihood is your children will conspire against you. Get your helper to help you bribe and wrestle the kids into position.
  2. Try and use a blank background to make your subjects (a.k.a. your kids) the focus of the card. Neutral colours like grey and cream will look well. Make sure you have this all set up before you even attempt to get the tiny humans involved.
  3. Make sure you take the photos in a space with good natural light. Ensure that your natural light source isn’t behind the kids e.g. don’t take photos of the kids standing in front of a window. Make sure the natural light is at the photographers back.
  4. Try and avoid using a flash if you can and use natural light instead it will make the kids look less like pasty ghosts with red gremlin eyes.
  5. Take LOTS of photos, and when I say lots I mean just keep snapping and look later. For every 20 photos you take there will probably be one where someone doesn’t have their finger up their nose or look like they’re screaming in protest.
  6. Make sure the kids aren’t cranky before you even start because they’re probably going to be less than enthused by the time you’re finished. I suggest early on in the day, with the promise of a highly motivating activity for afterwards to keep them on task!
  7. When bedtime finally arrives that evening, pick the best of what will be an interesting bunch of pictures. Log on to optimalprint.ie and create your card at your leisure (this will in fact be the easiest part of the Christmas Card making process).
  8. Wait for the cards to arrive and then send out those bad boys to everyone and anyone you can think of! Remembering of course that the recipient won’t see the screams and tears from behind the scenes. All they will see is the final ‘Awww’ inducing photos which will most likely be the most memorable card they get all Christmas.
Where do I get my cards printed?

I’m very crafty and the thoughts of hand made Christmas cards are lovely and a luxury I used to enjoy and indulge in pre-kids. Now though, the thoughts of glue and glitter after bedtime less than excites me. So just a heads up, optimalprint.ie make the whole personalised Christmas Card making process stress free. A few Christmas jumpers and props, some semi compliant kids and a camera and you’re good to go. Pull a few funny faces in the hope that they crack a smile, and you’re winning! Next, just upload your images and add your greeting and message. If you prefer you can use one of the provided templates making things even easier. Optimal Print are exceptionally efficient and you will have your cards printed, posted and in your hand within 48 hours which is more than a little impressive. Also to note, the cards are printed in Ireland! The print quality is exceptional and the customer service second to none. Optimal Print pricing is modest in the grand scheme of things, particularly if you keep an eye out for offers and promo codes on the site! Click here to get €10 off your first order! Happy Shopping!


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