Kids Hunter Wellies: A Tiny Human Favourite

So you may have noticed Luke’s love of wellies from some of our posts. He is in fact a welly fanatic and if given any option, a welly is his footwear of choice be it a blustery October day or a sunny July scorcher. What can I say, the kid knows his mind! It got to the point back in September, with Autumn rolling in, that I was forced to make an executive parental decision to just stop challenging him on it. If it’s wellies he wants, why on earth am I fighting him on it? So I just went mad and bought him two pairs of Kids Hunter wellies. So how did I manage to rationalise this to myself (and my husband!)?

Why Kids Hunters Wellies?
  1. They look great, the colours are bright and the selection is fantastic! This means that although he seems to literally live in wellies, they look somewhat respectable.
  2. Hunter wellies wear really well. No, like really well. Luke’s first pair of Hunters look like new despite the fact they were worn, a lot (did I mention the excessive year round obsession with wearing them!). This is of course a win win if like me you have a second tiny human who can fall into line for a shiny pair of hand-me-downs.
  3. The twinning opportunities! Mama and baby, brothers, brothers and sisters. Yes I know I sound ridiculous and somewhat pathetic but who doesn’t love a good matchy matchy welly shot for the memory books!
  4. For me, Hunter wellies are a family tradition for us. I grew up in the countryside in Co.Clare, my Mom and Dad both wore Hunters, I wore Hunters as a child and so the tradition lives on.
  5. Waterproof for the win and no more wet socks! Happy Mama, happy baby!
Where to buy Kids Hunter Wellies

Hunter wellies are widely available in shops around Ireland and the UK including Schuh, Office, Brown Thomas, Arnotts and Next (online). Hunt around (pun very much intended) for the best price because there can be huge variety from shop to shop depending on colour and style.



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